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Whether at a ball game or a bar, you can instantly start chatting with people nearby in a fun and safe environment.

More than just chat...

This here chat room ain't big enough fer the two of us...

The place goes deadly silent as everyone waits your move. BadClown, the fastest e-gunslinger this side of a 4G network, has called you out. You check your items: Colt45, Smith and Wesson, and a shotgun. But you've got a sneakgun in yer boot and you just might be able to drop him before he gets his revolver out. Suddenly, a chair breaks across BadClown's back. You duck a bottle of sasparilly thrown by another user and the place goes beserk. Hold on to yer hat, your local chat just erupted into a barroom brawl!

Where actions speak louder than words!

Why just 'chat' with nearby users when you can smack them in the head, or throw an electronic fruit at them. CrowdHub brings people together with in-line chat room games. Laugh with your new friends as a watermelon explodes on their cell phone screen

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"I definitely got my comeuppence." "The dynamite blew a huge hole in the moments of uncomfortable silence" "I laughed, I cried, I gave some showroom girl my last 50 cent piece, and got socked in the jaw."
BadClown MaeWest WildBill

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